He was searching on a Platform to Sell Digital Products but created his own Digital downloads store and made a competition to top-selling game codes marketplaces

By reading this article, you will get the experience of how to build your own Platform to Sell Digital Products by creating a Digital downloads store. This is a great opportunity to start a business and sell game codes, vouchers, tickets, and software license keys, and be independent of marketplaces.

In our story, John F. started his path by exploring where to get started. Obviously, he chose kinguin and g2a selling codes marketplaces. The start was easy as he bought codes on igamekey.codeswholesale.com, created accounts on the marketplaces, and added game codes to inventory.

The great advantage was that he didn’t spend time and money searching for traffic and clients. All he needed was to have an inventory of game codes with the cheapest prices.

But in time, the situation was not very promising.

The competition was huge, no options for marketing, and platforms took a commission that ate all margins in profit. The only way to compete was to damp prices and find cheap suppliers. But everyone knows that cheap game suppliers are a big risk as you can meet scammers and lose your money.

With his inventory consisted of Steam, Origin, PSN, Uplay, Xbox Live game codes, Amazon and iTunes vouchers, and Microsoft Windows and Office license serial keys, he started his research on how to make a profit from selling codes.

What he found was incredible!

The toolset he found allowed him to build a Digital downloads store at a low cost, get started quickly, and become an owner of his business.

The first John’s step was to register a Shopify account at no cost using a trial period.

During that period he installed a theme and configured Shopify itself.

Once it was ready, he bought a basic Shopify plan at $29 a month, attracted a paid traffic, and started to sell game codes and software license serial keys.

With the growth of sales, he faced a different problem. It was harder and harder to track inventory and manually send game codes and software license serial keys to clients’ email addresses.

This is where we were able to help merchants and owners of digital downloads stores.

At the beginning of 2021, we found a gap in this market. We developed and released Shopify digital downloads app with features to sell codes, send them to clients’ email addresses, customize the email template, and track inventory of sold and available digital downloads, game codes, serial keys, vouchers, and tickets. It calls Foridev Selling codes app.

John found our solution and decided to try it. We allow clients to use it for a 27-day trial without any cost.

Since that time, we’ve partnered with John and onboarded 50+ more digital downloads stores. John tripled his sales with automated delivery of game codes and software license serial keys. And as a Partner, he offered and requested many different features that helped our Shopify digital downloads app to become more valuable in the niche of selling digital downloads, game codes, vouchers, tickets, pins, and serial keys.

We became a number #1 Selling codes solution as we understood exact needs that help merchants grow.

The Game market is massive and huge.

Only in the US, you can expect its growth of up to USD 200 billion during the next 5 years.

Until recently, you had to share margins with marketplaces. But with the toolset, you have no limits building a digital downloads store and own brand.

Here are some useful links:

Shopify sign up — 14-day trial and then a basic plan $29 / month

Foridev Selling codes app — 27-day trial and then $15 / month

igamekey.codeswholesale.com — the wholesale place to buy game codes and serial keys

Also for 5 people every month we create a development store and make an installation of the app where you can play around without a trial period. Also, we provide tips on how to run it more successfully.

For this purpose, fill in the form and we will configure a store for you at no cost.

I hope this article was useful for you as we raised the curtain in the world of digital downloads, game codes, and software license serial keys. Build your own platform to sell digital products.

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